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Sierra Nevada Summer Activa Home Page Activities map for Sierra Nevada Hotel & Rural Accommodation in the Sierra Nevada Language schools and courses in Sierra Nevada Montebajo Sports Club Corporate holidays in Sierra Nevada Adventure holidays in the Sierra Nevada and Andalucia, Spain Horse riding trekking holidays in Sierra Nevada Walking holidays in Sierra Nevada Mountain Bike Holidays in Sierra Nevada
Trekking Sierra Nevada’s 3,000m Peaks
GUIDED: 7-21 people
INCLUDES: Organization:
Transfer Granada - Jeres del Marquesado
Material transport: Jeres del Marquesado - Postero Alto
Third day: garbage collection, cold food, liquid provision and change of clothes.
Material transport: Ventura Shelter - Lanjarón.
Transfer Lanjarón - Granada
Guide (1 / 7 people)
Common equipment: tents and kerosene stove.
Meal at finish
Health resort in Lanjarón: Recovery session
Insurance and Civil liability
Activity souvenir.
15th-18th July 2004
13th-16th August 2004
PRICE: 346,50 € / Person / VAT Included

Jeres del Marquesado to Lanjarón (climbing peaks including Picón, Puntal de Vacares, Mulhacén, Veleta and Caballo)


Four days in which to reach the majority of the range’s 3,000m peaks, including the Iberian peninsular’s highest, Mulhacen, at 3,482m. 90 km trekking over peaks and crests, through unique landscapes alongside the last melting summer snowfields, and all the while savouring the Mediterranean breeze from the south.

Sierra Nevada (National Park and Nature Reserve) is a unique area. This is not only thanks to its geophysical characteristics, its flora and its fauna, but also because it has been a symbol of adventure and freedom for mountaineers, scholars and travellers throughout the ages. This is probably the most dearly loved itinerary of the high Sierra Nevada – a definite classic. It runs from Jeres del Marquesado, in the northern foothills of the Sierra, to Lanjarón, in the south. Over four days, you will climb the most famous 3,000 metre peaks of the range (including the “Alcazaba”, considered its most extreme), and you will also discover a wealth of other unforgettable spots (such as Postero Alto, Piedra de los Ladrones, El Cuervo, Tajos Coloraos, Paso de los Machos...), not to mention the area’s stunning lakes (Juntillas, Goterón, Siete Lagunas, Caldera, Río Seco, del Caballo).

FIRST DAY: Jeres del Marquesado - Loma del Medio - Postero Alto Shelter - Piedra de los Ladrones - Picón de Jeres - Laguna Juntillas
SECOND DAY: Juntillas Lake - Covatillas - El Cuervo - Cuneta de Vacares - Puntal de Vacares - Puntal del Goterón - Lagunillos del Goterón - Alcazaba - Tajos Coloraos - Siete Lagunas.

THIRD DAY: Siete Lagunas - Mulhacén - Laguna de la Caldera - Loma Pelá - Laguna de Río Seco - Crestones de Río Seco - Paso de los Machos - La Carihuela - Veleta - Tajos de la Virgen - Elorrieta Shelter- Laguna de Lanjarón - Peñón Colorao Shelter.

FOURTH DAY: Peñón Colorao Shelter - Lagunilla Cuadrá - Tajos Altos - Laguna del Caballo - El Caballo - Ventura Shelter - Forestal de Tello Shelter- Lanjarón River- Lanjarón.
Route technical specifications:
Duration: 4 days (7 - 8 hours/day)
Technical difficulty: Medium / Physical difficulty: High
Type of land: High mountain. Rocky area.
Accumulated Ascent Drop/Duration (approx.):
FIRST DAY: 1850 metres / 7 hours
SECOND DAY: 900 metres / 7 hours
THIRD DAY: 950 metres / 7 hours
FORTH DAY: 2500 metres / 7 hours

Optional services: Medical attention, digital photography