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Learn Spanish in Spain, at home or use online translation tools


Welcome to's guide to all you need when learning Spanish or translating from or to Spanish. Find language schools in Spain, try our free online Spanish language lessons or get something translated with our translation tools.

Free Spanish lessons online!
Language schools in Andalucia, Spain

Why wait when you can start today, right now? offers free online language lessons and the option to get a complete course so you can learn the language in the comfort of your own home.

So if what you need is a language course to improve or kick start your Spanish, look no here

Where better to go to learn Spanish than in...Spain! Learning the language where it is spoken will fast track your leaning curve and makes for a great holiday as well.

We have collected a list of language schools in Andalucia, Spain for you to pick here

Translation Tools
Insurance Dictionary

We have collected a small list of online translation tools to help you translate words or even full sentences.

Most of them offer translation between several different here

We also have a specialised dictionary for you, if you are trying to translate or understand insurance documents.
click on the below links if insurance or annuity is the type of document you are translating
English to Spanish
Spanish to English