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The accuracy of the information on accommodation pages is the sole responsibility of the supplier, i.e. owner, business or agent of the property advertised. We do not assume any responsibility of the accuracy of the information. neither confirms or guarantees the standard of any of the following; accommodation / restaurants / services including the description, facilities, or location of the property in the advertisements shown on our Internet site or in our printed pages.

We reserve the right to edit text or change the format set out in the advertising package without prior notice.

Due to the nature of our business, and the way the information is communicated to us, by home owners, businesses or agents. It is necessary to make the following disclaimers.

We at are holiday property advertisers only and are not responsible in any way for customers who will contact the homeowners, businesses or agents of the properties advertised., homeowners, businesses or agents are not responsible for typographical errors, the standard of pictures or the information supplied.

Prior to renting, strongly recommend that potential holiday renters or agents there of, confirm all details, including terms and conditions of the proposed rental contract in writing well in advance of the agreed rental dates. Also where possible, view the property in advance.

Special advertising offers on package prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances once web page(s) have been designed and invoiced for.

We at Andalucia Holiday Property Directory /, whilst every effort is made to make our website and your advert appealing, we cannot guarantee that your property will be rented for part or whole of any particular holiday season.