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This page contains general and statistical information gathered by the CIA about Spain.

Click here for the CIA Fact Book on Spain

Printable Version of the CIA Factbook on Spain

World Reference Maps

Information in the CIA World Factbook on Spain includes:
Geographic coordinates, Area - comparative, Land boundaries, Maritime claims, Climate, Terrain, Elevation extremes, Natural resources, Land use, Irrigated land, Natural hazards, Environment - current issues, Environment - international agreements, Population, Median age, Population growth rate, Birth rate, Death rate, Net migration rate, Sex ratio, Infant mortality rate, Life expectancy at birth, Total fertility rate, HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate, HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS - deaths, Nationality, Religions, Languages, Literacy, Government type, Capital City, Administrative divisions, Independence, National holiday, Constitution, Legal system, Executive branch, Legislative branch, Judicial branch, Political parties and leaders, Political pressure groups and leaders,International organization participation, Diplomatic representation in the US, Diplomatic representation from the US, Spanish Flag description, Economy - overview, GDP, GDP - real growth rate, GDP - per capita, GDP - composition by sector , Investment (gross fixed), Population below poverty line, Household income or consumption by percentage share, Distribution of family income - Gini index, Inflation rate (consumer prices), Labor force, Labor force - by occupation, Unemployment rate, Budget, Public debt, Agriculture - products, Industries, Industrial production growth rate, Electricity - production, Electricity - consumption, Electricity - imports, Oil - production, Oil - consumption, Oil - exports, Oil - imports, Oil - proved reserves, Natural gas - production, Natural gas - consumption, Natural gas - proved reserves, Current account balance, Exports, Exports - commodities, Exports - partners, Imports, Imports - commodities, Imports - partners, Reserves of foreign exchange & gold, Debt - external, Currency, Currency code, Exchange rates, Fiscal year, Telephones - main lines in use, Telephones - mobile cellular, Telephone system, Radio broadcast stations, Television broadcast stations, Television broadcast stations, Internet country code, Internet country code, Internet hosts, Railways, Highways, Waterways, Pipelines, Ports and harbors, Merchant marine, Airports, Airports - with paved runways, Airports - with unpaved runways, Heliports, Military branches, Military manpower - military age, Military manpower - fit for military service, Military manpower - reaching military age annually, Military expenditures - dollar figure, Military expenditures - dollar figure, Military expenditures - percent of GDP, Disputes - international, Illicit drugs