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Insurance in Spain


Living in Andalucia or just on holiday? No matter what you still need to consider getting an insurance. On the following pages you can read more about the different types of expat insurance and travel insurance as well as a helpful dictionary with all the words and expressions needed to translate your insurance documents.


Health Insurance
Travel Insurance
There are two types of health insurance, medical assistance: and the reimbursement of expenses for medical article Don't forget your travel insurance before you take off for your holiday to Andalucia in article
House Insurance
Car Insurance
The homeowner's insurance (seguro del hogar) covers your house, the home itself and the things you keep in article Insurance in Spain relating to automobiles can be divided into 2 categories, third party liability insurance and full article
Life Insurance
Pet Insurance
A contract of life insurance (seguro de vida) provides that, in consideration of the premium to be article

It now seems the type of insurance a lot of expats are used to from our own countries are also available here in Spain to cover your cat or article

Marine Insurance
Funeral Assistance & Insurance
The increase in accidents and injuries has caused the government in Spain to introduce compulsory third party liability insurance for pleasure boats sailing in Spanish article Just as you prepare yourself for living in Spain, you should also prepare yourself for the eventuality of passing away in article
Insurance Dictionary

Insurance & Annuity Glossary

Insurance & Annuity Glossary


Insurance is a contract relationship entered into by the insurer and the insured. Such a contract, more commonly called the policy, usually provides that, on payment of the premium, the insurer promises to indemnify and reimburse the insured for any loss incurred by him from certain stated causes.

The policy, as a contract, must contain all of the elements necessary for a valid contract. The mutual considerations here are the premium paid by the insured and the promise of coverage made by the insurance company.

The causes of damage as provided for in the policy are also called "risks". The company specifically stipulates those risks which are covered under the particular policy. Any risk that is not stated shall not be included.

A policy must have a subject which is to be insured. It may be the life of a designated person, a house…

The risk or peril against which the life or property is to be insured must be specified in the policy: the death of a person, liability resulting from the negligent operation of an automobile…

The amount for which the policy covers the loss must be indicated.

The insurance taker is the holder of the policy. Normally the term during which the policy will be in effect is 1 year, after which it is renewed automatically unless you decide not to renew it, in which case you should previously advise the insurance company 2 months before it is due.


Article by iAbogado Servicios Jurídicos SL (Madrid, Spain). Visit for more original content like this. Reprint permission granted with this footer included.