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Funeral and family assistance plan


Insurance Companies and Brokers in Spain

Elite Insurance Brokers in Fuengirola, Spain Elite Insurance Brokers
Funeral and family assistance plans.
A product to protect your family anytime and anywhere with a wide range of covers in case of death, accident, illness, travel and legal assistance.

International Insurance Specialists.
If you own or are purchasing a property in Spain, we can offer specialist property insurance for buildings and contents cover for your holiday home / let property.


Just as you prepare yourself for living in Spain, you should also prepare yourself for the eventuality of passing away in Spain. I know most people would prefer not to think about these subjects, but by tackling some issues before it might become a reality, you really are helping yourself and your family by making some informed choices before you are in the situation.

By having a funeral plan you will ensure that a lot of the planning and arrangements has already been done in advance, making important decisions in your own time and together with your family and partner ensuring your wishes will be excecuted.

A funeral insurance plan will ensure that the grieving party will receive instant help to pay some of the fees payable with cash up front, such as the local tanatorio, or mortuary, who handle the disposal of all bodies.Then there is the funeral itself, which will cost even more if it is to take place in your home country.

Another important aspect of thinking ahead is getting a will, a spanish one. If you do not make a spanish will, your assets in Spain will be divided by spanish law, which could get even more complicated if you are not married to your partner of if there are children involved. So do this sooner rather than later and enjoy some peace of mind.